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Kingarth Plantation

As plantations go, Kingarth is a masterclass in communication, planning and good advice: this newly-planted woodland area is filled with an abundance of full planting designed to the complement the surrounding terrain and enhance the balance of the landscape, and at the same time building an environment conducive to partridge and pheasant keeping which will in the future produce good sporting drives. With a natural, well planned and sympathetic planting programme, Dunira has once again combined tradition and modern contemporary ideas, with excellent results.

With a bracken control programme in place the planting of indigenous trees such as mixed conifer, willow, larch, alder, ash, birch and Scots pine will better suit the character of Glen Lednock, from its dry, rocky outcrops to wet lowlands.

Good forestry management, the tidying of old existing roads and the creation of new roads for good assess to the hill has also been a main priority at Dunira in the past three years, all designed to enhance the sporting and deer management and so improving drives on those all important shoot days.

Deer Management

A strong mix of herbs and grasses set in wide borders have been sown edging the lowland and high ground fields, accompanying a deer feeding programme, and good deer management. Dunira Eastate has worked intensely to improve the standard and quality of the deer on Dunira, opening up areas on the hill with good forestry management to bring light and air, and develop the forest floor so that flora and grass can come through and provide good grazing for the stags, bucks and hinds.

Fishing permits are available for the River Earn which runs alongside Dunira, which includes runs of Salmon and Trout. Permits are available from July to October.

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