Dunira has an abundance of good stags, (September to October). The stags can be heard for miles around at this time of year, roaring through the night, and stepping out of the low ground mist in the early morning, roaring to ward off other stags from their hinds, sometimes locking antlers, a site to be seen.

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Hinds Stalking: 21st October – 15th February
Red Deer stags, hinds and their young live and graze on the hill woodland, forest and rocky out crops of Dunira, sometimes moving down to the lowlands in the early evening to graze on the herbs and grasses. Their red coats standing out against the rich lush green grass on a summers evening is a photo opportunity in the making.

Roe Deer Stalking: April 1st – October
The Roe Deer is elegant and much sought after. Its natural habitat can be found in the woodland edges, hill edges and newly managed areas of Dunira. A strong investment has been made into these areas of Dunira along with good deer management including native woodland planting – all created with a view to future stalking.

The terrain is challenging, the views spectacular, and the rewards high, all hunters can be sure of a good workout and the perfect nights sleep when returning to the Whitehouse or lodge to one of our well appointed bedrooms, and not forgetting that all-important malt whisky nightcap.

Dunira has an good stalking team, with skill and a fine knowledge of their surrounding and they are always in good humour. Whether it’s a first time out on the hill or a seasoned hunter you’re in safe hands. Our newly built shooting range, Argo all-terrain vehicle and top team awaits you.

Dunira can offer a flexible package for all stalking , accommodation, and airport pickups. For diary dates for 2011/2012 and package prices telephone the Dunira Estate Office on 01764 670456, or Email Us.

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